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Your Go-To Fuel & Oil Distributor in Texas

Your Premier Fuel, Lubricant, & Chemical Distributor

Red River Oil Company is more than just your average fuel, lubricant, and chemical distributor. We offer a full line of Phillips 66 PCMO, heavy-duty, agricultural, industrial, and specialty lubricants. We also carry ancillary products, so you’re always going to get more than what you pay for with us. At Red River Oil Company, we strive to be your go-to, one-stop-shop for all your fuel, lubricant, and chemical needs. With a knowledgeable staff and multiple distribution warehouses throughout our marketing area, we are well-positioned to meet and even exceed your expectations of unmatched service. To learn more, reach out today.

Specialty Fuel Services
Oils & Lubricants
Oils & Lubricants
Specialty Products
Specialty Products
Red River Oil truck

We Conveniently Deliver Directly to You!

When you partner with Red River Oil Company for fuel services and specialty products, your business won’t want for anything. We offer unparalleled convenience by distributing our services and products directly to you! From emergency fuel delivery to fluid analysis and plat surveys, we bring what you need to you when you need it, and without delay. Count on us to have you covered when it comes to an emergency, or even just when you need things expedited. Take advantage of our convenient services and products today!

Exceptional Customer Service is Our Promise

Through our passion for exceptional customer service, we constantly strive to improve our quality of service every day. As a locally-owned and -operated distributor of fuel and oil, it is imperative for us to understand the ins and outs of specialty fuel services, general fuel services, oil and lubricant services, as well as specialty products. Our staff members are screened and trained to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge needed to expertly assist our customers. For grade-A customer service, get in touch with Red River Oil Company. We guarantee to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with our services.